Beekeeping projekts

Honey harvest

Some of the African beeraces are very aggressive. In the Gambia You must harvest honey during the night so that the bees do not attack the people in the area. Afrika-29.gif (54741 bytes)
The honeycombs from the Top Bar Hive. Afrika-30.gif (86965 bytes)
Photo: Ole Hertz
Honey are sold liquid in Africa, using many different containers. Afrika-31.gif (59595 bytes)
Beeswax is a valuable product. You can make candles and ornaments from Beeswax. Afrika-32.gif (44828 bytes)
The beekeepers are advised to form beekeepers associations to facilitate marketing of honey. Afrika-33.gif (68253 bytes)
The Beekeepers Associations train their members. Afrika-34.gif (63676 bytes)
Income from sale of honey and beeswax has helped to pay schools for the children


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