Dear Beekeeper!


If you have a homepage and you think it is worth it then you can just make a link to my homepage.


when you install the software you will be present for a language selection screen. From here you select the language the software will be using.


next you will have to select a driver for the database here I suggest you select the one matching your language.


you will now have to select if it is just a hivenote software or you want to use it as a queen breeder and hivenote software. You also on this select if the queen name should be auto generated.


now you will be presented for a list of columns to show. I have selected the most common, but you can select those you want to look at. The fist is for the upper grid and the second shown for the lower grid. Later you can change this from the Right click popup menu in the grids.


You will now have to create some records. I suggest you auto create the hives. If you skip this you will be presented a new hive screen.


The software will run 60 days full then close down to ten hives allowed. No data is destroyed so if you decide to register the allowed by registration will come back.


Best regards

Jorn Johanesson