Pollination of plants

Dangers for Honeybees

There are many dangers for Honeybees. Population growth and destruction of natural forests are the most important. The big trees gave food and shelter for bees. Afrika-10.gif (69214 bytes)
The natural vegetation cover is burnt to make ricefields Afrika-11.gif (63026 bytes)
Spraying with pesticides can be dangerous for Man and bees.In many developmental projects the use of insecticides has been recommended without warning about the risk for the pollinating insects. Afrika-12.gif (57159 bytes)
Photo: Ole Hertz

Honey hunting

A large feral beecolony.

Afrika-13.gif (36462 bytes)
The colony is killed to harvest honey and wax. Fire has been used to kill the bees. Afrika-14.gif (28465 bytes)
It lasts long before another beecolony settles at the same place Afrika-15.gif (35566 bytes)
A bee colony killed by insecticide to harvest the honey and the wax. The honey might be poisonous to the consumer. Afrika-16.gif (44835 bytes)
With proper beekeeping you harvest honey and wax without destroying the colonies Afrika-17.gif (68349 bytes)


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