Pollination of plants

Honeybees are very efficient pollinators of flowers. They give more fruit and seeds of a better quality. Afrika-18.gif (35398 bytes)
Cashew is one of the most important crops in Guinea Bissau Insects play a major role in the pollination, and placing honeybees colonies near the plantations can increase yields. Afrika-19.gif (32836 bytes)
Mango is a delicious fruit. It is recommended to put beehives in the plantations to secure pollination Afrika-20.gif (29029 bytes)
At the market in Gambia many of the fruits are a results of the pollination work of the honey bees. Afrika-21.gif (45386 bytes)
Photo: Ole Hertz
Ground nuts are one of Gambia's most important cash crops. Ground nuts are partly selffertile, but tripping by honeybees gives higher yields. Afrika-22.gif (42360 bytes)
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