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As some of you may know I have been trying, for some time now, to establish a forum on the Internet for Apitherapy discussion. This has not been as
easy task as I had originally assumed. Commercial list servers turned out to be far to expensive and the university and government contacts I have
where, understandably, reluctant to give "outsiders" access to their systems.

In discussing this problem in BeeNet. Olda, the regional coordinator for Sweden, suggested I contact Ake Esperi, the current Zone coordinator for
BeeNet International and host for the Swedish language beekeeping list,and he agreed to maintain the Apitherapy Mailing List (called APITHER) on
his List server.

This list is officially described as: "An international forum for the discussion of Apitherapy at all levels - Research, Clinical, Practitioner
and General interest."

The main language of the list is "English" but it is not mandatory.

The APITHERAPY Internet Mailing List (APITHER) has also been inter linked with BeeNet International's APITHERAPY conference area. So the current
number of readers, as of today the 17 of October, stands at approximately 400+ representing 9 countries. Past experience has shown that, in forums
such as this, only about 10% of the readers are writers.

Ake has established me as the "owner" of the list. So if you have any questions or need help please don't hesitate to ask. I can be reached at:
"owner-apither@beenet.pp.se" or "Durk.Ellison@beenet.pp.sci.fi".


For instructions on how to subscribe to the APITHERAPY Mailing List (APITHER) please see below:

Apitherapy Internet Mailing List (Forum)

So what is an Internet mailing list? Well it's a list of Internet addresses of people with an interest in discussing a particular topic of interest. In this case Apitherapy. Better known as "A List" in computer slang.

It is composed of two parts the "List server" and "the List".

A "List server" is a computer and the software program that maintains a mailing list.

In order to join a mailing list you must first tell the "List server" that you want to Subscribe to the list by sending it a message like this:

To: listserv@beenet.pp.se

And that's all. The rest of the message should be blank.

If everything has gone OK, you should receive a subscription conformation message within 48 hours.

The "List server" ( listserv@beenet.pp.se ) is also the address you send maintenance messages to like:


and if you should ever wish to leave the list:


Writing messages TO everyone on the "LIST":

Just write the message as you normally would and send the message:

To: apither@beenet.pp.se
From: "your name"
Subject: "what ever"

           Your E-Mail address 



So, to sum up:

You send a message to the "List server" ( listserv@beenet.pp.se ) if you want to:
Subscribe to the list, Get Help or UnSubscribe from the list.

If you wish to send a message to all the people on the list. You send the

message To: apither@beenet.pp.se


I bid you all WELCOME

Regards from:

Durk Ellison


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