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Bidata also runs on new Windows7 64Bit running as administrator.

Windows Vista users. If you can not get the software to run properly then run it as administrator.


How to get started with my software!

Please read this very carefully!


installing the Bidata for win98/2000/Xp:
download the Beekeping_hivenote.exe and run the program.

Windows Vista users : Mark the shortcut to run as administrator. Now the Bidata should run as normal. 

If my software will not perform on your windows platform Win98-XP-NT then Email me for a solution

You Must uninstall previous installed Bidata!

Install the software to a directory of Your choose. Only limitation is  approximately 256 chars.

I have to draw the attention to the fact that this is not a client/server software! But the data files can be stored on a fileserver (test is done on LANtastic server and a server running win98 or win2000)

License agreement!

You are given the right to freely passing this software to other people that might be interested.

File information :
Beekeping_hivenote.exe version 21 MB  Martz 19 2005

Please be careful to be sure you have got the whole archive

turn of the auto close function in your browser. Because this will take some time to take it down.



Thank you for your help.  I tried clicking the link several times and it would only download about 150k then I right clicked the link and clicked "save target as" and then received the file in full.

if you have problems in downloading the software then please  e-mail to :apimo@apimo..dk
You can also obtain a CD  for the price of handling and Bank cost  e-mail to :apimo@apimo..dk

CD  includes a free 10000 hives edition plus a lot of other stuff also including the pollen database for beekeepers.. In total more than 500 MB. 

If this software is not satisfying or not what you real need then please e-mail me and maybe we can work out a solution.

If you want to take advantage of the update facility in Bidata and you are not running explore 6 then get this to be able to take advantage of the Bidata upgrade facility :  http://tinyurl.com/aw2g

Beekeeping hivenote full Bidata install version 22 MB  27-03-2006

This is the full edition of the beekeeping software that include all available languages I have. Some of those though still need a little edition. Why not help me in this matter?

English/Brazil Portuguese/Finnish/Spanish/French/Dutch/Russian manual included in the software package!

Beekeeping hivenote_EN Bidata only English/DK version 15 MB  27-03-2006

This is the English and Danish edition of the Beekeeping software. If you download this for saving time, and you are speaking one of the other languages supported, then you can download this archive : language pak 800kb containing :  French, Dutch, Slovenia, Italia, Spanish, Greek, German, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian. 

Languages to the above install of the languages available 11 MB  27-03-2006

This is what I have of language editions French, Dutch, Slovenia, Italia, Spanish, Greek, German, Portuguese, Czech, Russian. Some of those still need a little edition. Why not help me translating the software into your language ?

The software is free of charge. 

I managed to get my compiler to work!


Here is a register software to my big software. You just enter your name and click ok0

Vista Users : Important

Download the register utility to place where you can find it. Right click it and mark it for run as administrator. Now you can use it.


http://apimo.dk/programs/Register.exe les than 500KB


It will also change your previous registering if you have entered the Free Software registration.


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bullet English manual
bullet Finnish manual
bullet Brazil/Portuguese manual
bullet Spanish manual
bullet Dutch manual
bullet French manual

Dear beekeepers!

My software is multilingual, means it is translated into about 13 languages. This means that the help files and manuals should follow the version of Bidata released. This I am sorry to tell is not the fact. A translation of Bidata is a huge job even it is simple, and to put the translation of manuals and help files into same hands of volunteers that have been so kind to translate the software is not fair. I therefore will ask you to help me out in this, so that the manuals and help files can be brought up to date. I canít pay you by money but will grant you a big registration in return for your help. Please help me and your fellow beekeepers.

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