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Bidata the software for Hivenotes and Queen breeding


bulletPresentation of the software as PowerPoint animation
bulletProduct Summary
bulletSome Features
bulletUsing very little system memory!
bulletVery few notes needed
bulletGraphic show of data
bulletEstablishment Accounting for Beekeeping

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Product Summary

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Bidata is a database containing records that can be seen as electronic Hive Notes containing data entered after visiting the beeyard.

The Bidata database can be seen as a card file with predefined index cards.

Each new bee year a new card file is generated. The card file is in two parts; daily hive notes, and calculated index cards.

The Bidata software is complex in its functions. Although considerable effort has gone into making the interface as simple as possible, it is strongly recommended that you read the manual in its entirety.

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Some Features


Bidata enables you to:

Enter, read, edit and delete Hive Notes.

Calculate the INDEX of the queens within bee yards.

Print the last notes you made as a work sheet for use in the bee yard.

Search the database by using a predefined SQL builder, showing only the data you wish to check. You can customize the SQL search to suit your particular needs.

Compare queen sisters within a bee yard.

Move hives from one beeyard to another or move a whole bee yard to another location.

Display graphic representation of Index calculated data and a lot more which you may not require yet, but is available as need arises.

In a school apiary it can be used as a teaching tool, were the members can get his own database. This though demands a full registration of the software.

bulletLanguage support!

The software is multilingual and the language can be changed from the Tool menu.

Supported languages is for now :

Dutch (Belgian)
French (Belgian)
Spanish (Argentina)

The default language is English.

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Microsoft win98/NT/2000/XP
386sx 40 MHz or better
Hard disk
1 GB or more if you want to add pictures
at least 256 colors

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Using very little system memory!

System requirements:

Bidata is developed for use on an IBM or IBM Compatible PC running Microsoft WindowsTM . The software might run on other computers but it is required that Microsoft WindowsTM is installed or that the platform is compatible with the Microsoft Windows TM platform.

It is recommended that the computer is provided with at least an Intel 386dx processor. An Intel 486dx 100 or better is preferable. Memory requirement is 4 Mb or better.

The software needs at least 15 Mb free hard disk space to install

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Very few notes are needed!


This is the most important part of getting your program to perform to your requirements. A database program is only as useful as the quality of input data allows it to be! You must discipline yourself to input all the necessary data with care and accuracy. Get trained in Judging your bees on a very few points and you will go into success with your beekeeping. By the way it is not needed to make this judging every time you work with the bees, but do it at least three times to get the index as accurate as possible.


example of a worklist above

The data you judge from is the following :

Honey harvest. The more honey the better, but it also depends on the workload you need to put in to get it . Think about 6 hours work to get 45 kg of honey versus 10 hours work to get 60 kg of honey. I doubt that the extra 4 hours work is economically viable!

Aggressiveness: (important for your working conditions)

Swarm tendency (Important to avoid wasting time catching bees)

Steadiness: (important for the work needed to clear a frame of bees or to find the queen)

Sickness ( the less medicine you need the better honey you harvest and the workload goes down)

These are the most important items for the beekeeper to monitor, because all of those have influence on the workload, and thereby the economical result.

The Judgement is simply given by a scale from 1 to 5 except the judging of the Honey harvest, which is the real harvest in Kg.

The Judgement is entered into a field worklist, generated by the software, for easy entering into the Quick entry screen or for entering into the tabbed Notebook.

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Graphic Show of data

To make it easier to compare queens, there is a Graphic facility, used for showing various data in graphic format.

example of a graphic show Honey contrary Index

Another Screen shot :

show of each beehives contribution to honey harvest in the apiary (Queen sisters)

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Establishment Accounting for Beekeeping

The spreadsheet can be saved as excel5 file and edited in excel if you prefer.

it is translated into the following languages : Danish, German, English and you are free to load the English spreadsheet and translate it into your language.The printout area is the resulting calculation.
Some Data is taken from the database and hardcoded into the Spreadsheet.

Those are :

1. Number of beefamilies in the database
2. Number of workHours
3. Total Honey harvest


calculate.gif (16179 bytes)


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Jorn Johanesson

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Limited registration which is 45
You will get
bulletNormal hive entry facilities but limited to 40 bee populations.
bulletlimited support for the duration of one year.
bullet1 regular update of the software
bulletelectronic manual when the edition is finished.
bulletYou have to take the software as it is.
bulletThe software you get is what is offered to the members of the EDBi foundation as basic software!

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Full registration which is 100
You will get:
bulletPrinted Manual when the edition of this is finished,
bulletUnlimited support and updates of the software within the duration of two years from the registration,
bulletAccess to all built in facilities,
bulletInfluence in the further development of the software, and
bulletUnlimited number of bee colonies can be entered.
bulletEven that this is a single user database (No network support) You can have more people using your PC , by creating more databases under the name of the users.

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Quick Entry Screen


produc3.jpg (57056 byte)
and below the new input screen

produc2.jpg (32885 byte)

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