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Before you decide to skip this web I want to point out that this is not only for my software but also about other beekeeping stuff. So please take a look around.

I am not active beekeeper any longer because of age and health so my contribution to the beekeeper society will be developing beekeeper software. This I by the way have done since the days of windows 3.1 and a lot of people have helped me in this Job. The software is very serious and even I have set it free I hope you will receive it friendly. All I want from You is a comment on the software so that I can continue developing it to the benefit of the beekeeping.

Download the manual to the software English manual and read it please.

Does my software also run on windows 10? Yes it does, but there is this to take care of : It must be run as administrator. Reason is that it writes to registry and this is normally forbidden by windows 10. The same goes for windows 8 and 8.1

On my web I have put up a little software (runs on the following systems: win95, win98, win 2000, winXP, windows Vista 32Bit,  Vista 64Bit ,It also run on windows7 64bit) on windows vista and windows 7 it might be needed to run it as
Link to Software.........

Bidata will run on the following OS (win95, win 98, win 2000, windows XP and windows Vista 32-64 bit and windows 7 32-64 bit, on windows vista and windows 7 it might be needed to run it as as Administrator because it writes to the registry database.

I was informed that my Bidata software also runs on Intel based computers running Linux, Unix, BSD and Mac OSx if you use the Wine software :

I have now set the software free.  You only have to enter the following two peaces of information into the software

I managed to get my compiler to work!


Here is a register software to my big software. You just enter your name and click ok0 les than 500KB OBS! windows might barf at it. If, then just run it as administrator

 It will also change your previous registering.

This will register the software to a full version with no limitations.


all the best 
Jorn Johanesson

The actual version of the software is 

Transfer of data to/from Palm PDA are now fixed!!!!! Thanks to Don Ragan that pointed out what was wrong. Please remember the software does not need a handheld.

If you are interested in my software cooperating with the PPC platforms 2002 2003 please e-mail me at
If enough interested I will work this out.

I will still support win98 and is testing my software on a win98 computer. From to day 11/7 2006 Microsoft is no longer supporting  win98/SE/ME but recommend to get the security upgrades for those platforms so here is the address :

The Palm Bidata will in future updates work  on all valid Palm OS based systems from version 3 and up.
The palm OS version 5+ is now supported and working.
Bidata of course also runs without a palm handheld! 

I am sorry to say, that the manual and help files are not up to date. I am not the best manual writer, so if you could help me in this I will be very thankfull.

The software that  I supply is translated into 14 languages 

If your language is not listed  and you have the time please feel free to start a new translation. It is not particularly difficult to do but will take some time. Your translation will be immediately visible  when you select it in the software.

Translate this web page   
Select English to (your language). Try it if you are not an English speaker :-)
The possibilities you have is

Dear Visitor! The EDBi foundation is happy that you found us!
Beekeeping software and Pollen data software

I want to thank! and give Credit to.

the version 8.0 introduce a new facility click this for an introduction: info

This Server supports File resume download! Files updated Martz 19 2006

The new version edition is out.

I am sorry to say that my software ONLY runs on Win 98/ME computers IF the display driver is set to at lest 255 colours

The reason is unknown to me, and because Microsoft cancels support for those platforms I can not further investigate  into this. Again, I am very sorry for this.

The build in Update facility only works directly with IE6, but you can download a separate XML utility from Microsoft  if you are using another kind of browser such as Netscape.

Please be sure that you save the files with extension such as progname.exe and not just as progname

Suggestion to a new palm Bidata! please comments to this!!

the PC interface I have implemented. Nearly all entries are entered from this tabbed entry screen

index.2.jpg (46446 byte) Click for a better View! 

The above facility is available  in version 8 of Bidata. The present software is updated June 14. 2004.  Bidata is free for 10 hives, and will adjust to this after 30 days Trial.

The software user interface is now translated into the following languages which is selectable within the software.






Belgian French


Belgian Dutch






revised English (Australian)






Spanish (Argentina)








German (Austria)





I have a wish, that you would pay back with some respond, about why or why not you can use my software. Please!

I also hope you will have as much fun using Bidata, as it has been to develop it.

How to install after download : Install instructions

Beekeeping hivenote.exe   full Bidata install   

If you want to get informed about new updates to my  software then please e-mail me
and I will inform you about major updates. I will not Spam you!

Windows software click the barcode picture to get the barcode generator. 182 kb.


Software for hive note-queen breeding and handheld computers. Last revised and bug tested 
June  2004 a lot of revision made .

The translation software inside the archive does not work, so I took contact to the developer, and downloaded the latest version of this exelent tool. You can download this Archive with the Language manager exe and extract it to the directory where the languagefiles reside in the Bidata direktory.

If anybody out there can help me with the languages not full supported then please e-mail me and you will earn a CD with a lot of beekeeping stuff on it.

Language translated partly translated full Help file in language
Dansk   X X
Svenska  (I need help)   Dansk (I need help)
Norsk Dansk (I need help)   Dansk (I need help)
Suomi (Finland)  (I need help)   English (I need help)
English (England)   X X
English (Australia)    X English (I need help)
Nederland (Belgium)   X Dutch
French (Belgium)   X French
German   X (Austria) English (I need help)
Spanish (I need help)   English (I need help)
Portuguese (Brazil) (I need help)   English (I need help)
Italian     English
Spanish (Argentina)   X English (I need help)
(new) Bulgarian     English (I need help)
Russian   X Helpfile need to be finished
Czech   X English (I need help)
Swedish   x English (I need help)
Slovakian I need help    
Romanian   X  
Portuguese (Portugal)     English (I need help)

Bidata now up to Scandinavian (and many other) Standards. The 2004 edition includes the following :

  1. Queen breeder Register card (build on the Swedish queen register card) with dropdown lists for a lot of stuff.
  2. Index calculation on hives can give a help to determine, which hives to keep. It also gives access to a graphic show of hives that gives a visual sight  to compare from..
  3. Disease form with dropdown lists for diseases, treatment and control.
  4. the forms have changed to tabbed notebook format to get a better overview. 
  5. Number of frames in a hive is now reflected when you enter a new hive-note.
  6. Multi-selection of hives to handle. means that you only have to e.g. enter disease treatment ones and then by accepting the entries, add to all selected hives. This also goes for data entries to hives and some of the hive manipulations. To multi-select use Ctrl + mouse-click. 
  7. Hives in a yard can be additional grouped. Such as identified by placement on e.g. pallets. If grouped the hives will be kept together.  Hives can also be marked colored, so that it is easy to spot a hive on the screen. E.g. a hive you must follow, or a group of hives to visual make it more easy to spot on the screen.
  8. dial up your queen breeder from within software
  9. You can let the software create the first records for all your families and at the same time group them.
  10. Barcodes to identify your hives with can be created and put on Avery labels or printed out on letter paper. the barcodes will contain visual information on hive and queen too.
  11. The palm OS software now also support scanning of hive labels to place you on the correct record on the Palm OS compatible Handheld device.
  12. backup of data added. If you use this facility when leaving the software, you will have the ability to restore data after an eventually power failure.
  13. The manual is again in the archive but see it just as a guideline, the help is updated and much more instructive.
  14. Pollen database software not  included (Download separately). Add your own pictures and drawings. 
  15. The software is free for use up to 10000 hives and will not expire.
  16. Added a professional table repair software. Repairs your database if errors occurs. You will find it in a separate directory called tools
  17. Added printout of a hive note card (headings configurable)
  18. Printout of data is heavily improved.
  19. Made it possible to exclude/include columns in the grids and to rearrange the columns.
  20. Columns headings can be edited, and be shown as multi line headings.
  21. Added a powerful filter and search engine (filter your data on e.g. Breeding queens) or search your hives on every possible data in the database.
  22. Added  integrated update facility. Thanks to Daniel Fiske South Africa

Missing files in archive(s) please e-mail me and I will supply those to you

It is now possible to use boxes  together with the ability to use single frames,.

World clock

 Varroa report (Danish translated into English)

Take a peek at the What's new page to see what is done lately!














This is an issue of a free publication about beekeeping in the Nordic countries of Europe. It is a PDF file and you need the Acrobat reader to View this file online. Click on the picture to view it online. To View it locally you can download the file and then extract this file locally to view it in peace at home in your Adobe acrobat reader. Even that beekeeping in your country might be different than in the Nordic counties you might find this publication interesting.








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korf.jpg (7590 bytes)

This HONEYBEE Web Ring Site is owned by
Apimo Biavl

Want to join the


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Contents of this page:

bulletProduct information Bidata
bulletProduct information Pollen data
bulletOur Mission
bulletThe story of EDBi and this web!
bulletCompany Profile
bulletWho we are?
bulletContact Information
bulletOther Useful links
bulletSome Photos From Apimondia! (if you have patience and time to wait for the loading of the big pictures. I have not reduced the pictures, but have kept the original size, for preserving quality. The page is 33kb with 6 thumbnail pictures.) Original files are about 150kb a piece.
bullet Danish Federal Beekeeper association DBF.


Welcome to Apimo Biavl Support Web. The purpose of this web is to enhance the support services we provide to our customers. We've provided a number of resources here to help you resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest improvements to our products and services.

You can also get a brief explanation of the benefits of the Bidata software and of the Pollen database developed for Beekeepers.

You may also obtain technical support by telephone at +45 98584061; and by e-mail to

Thank you for your visit, we hope that you will enjoy the visit and make use of this web.

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Our Mission

The EDBi foundation was created for the purpose of making useful software for Beekeeping and to broadcast it around the world in as many languages as we can. ( You can help us in making the software interface in YOUR normal language)

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Company Profile

EDBi is a small foundation comprising beekeepers interested in using the power of their PC's in their Beekeeping, to help them to improve their craft!
EDBi is an approved special organization connected to the Danish Federal Beekeeper organization, DBF.

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Who we are?

Software Developer:

Jorn Johanesson
Spurvevej 2, Assens
DK 9550 Mariager

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Contact Information:

Software developer:
+45-98 58 40 61
Postal address: Jorn Johanesson, Solsortevej 27, Assens, DK 9550 Mariager
Email :
Electronic mail :
General Information: Email to Jorn
Customer Support: Email to Jorn
Webmaster: Jorn Johanesson: Email to Jorn

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Other Interesting Links

Danish Federal Beekeeper association

wpe3.gif (2634 bytes)    Beekeeping tools and much much more

Happy Apiary a Romanian beekeepers diary (Varroa & Virus) (Virus research)


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The Story

I am Danish, I live in Denmark and I was born in 1942. (Yes I am not that young any longer) I was a teacher and have been keeping bees since 1970. Officially, I have few hives, but have equipment enough for thirty hives. I use full Langstroth hives and my bees are regional bees. I have an average honey harvest of 45kg a year, which is an improvement from my first years when I had around 15kg. I got my first computer (a Zx81) in 1981 and started to investigate programming for this animal :-) It had only 8Kb of memory but it was fun. In 1986 I put a fortune into a real computer (Amstrad 1512) and from then on the next story starts: the EDBi foundation.

I heard that there was a foundation for EDB interested beekeepers being formed, and got in touch with them to see if they had some software I could use for my beekeeping. It turned out that they had none, but were looking for people who could help them in this field. I had built my own software, so I offered to work voluntarily for them in creating a useful software tool for beekeeping. The first result was an MS-DOS based hivenote collection program. I of course based this software on inputs from the members of the EDBi foundation. The software program was offered to the Danish beekeeper society in 1987. The members in the EDBi foundation were my testing crew, and with time the software improved. The members of EDBi are all kinds of people, from some with very few hives to people who are living from beekeeping. Some have been members from the very start until today. In 1994 I decided to create a Win 3.1 software program based on my previous work. This software was presented at the Apimondia Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1995. I made some very good contacts there with people who have helped me to improve the language support.

In 1996 I tried to figure out this Internet story, so I got an account with 5Mb space. This has now improved, some people on the Internet have given me space on their websites, and I have also got my own website in Australia where I am now putting up an 'EDBi' Support website with discussions, bug reports and suggestion facilities. I really hope that people will use this website to give me responses concerning bugs and suggestions.

I hope I have not been too boring, and if so, I beg your forgiveness.

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